Music books and more as companions to the Complete Editions

Complete Editions, their consecutions and their surroundings: over the years, complete editions have not only led to the publication of the works of Mendelssohn, Sibelius and Eisler, but also spawned various related works such as books and musicological writings. And there are more composers whose works have given rise to collected series of music and literature:

In addition, there are a considerable number of musicological publications that have more or less leaped out directly from the complete editions. For example: The book series of the Leipzig Bach-Archiv “Beiträge zur Geschichte der Bach-Rezeption” is firmly rooted in the 19th century, but has a strong affinity to the Mendelssohn Complete Edition as well.

In 2007 Tomi Mäkelä’s major Sibelius study “Poesie in der Luft” , which is now also available in English, added a second important accent to Sibelius research as the first, up-to-date scholarly work in German following in the wake of the Sibelius Work Catalogue. The “Eisler-Studien,” meanwhile, are the sole book series on Hanns Eisler.