Musica Rara

Standard Repertoire and Rarities of the Baroque and Wind Literature

As to the MUSICA-RARA program (MR), “nomen is often [not] omen” since by now many MR works and editions have become proven repertoire pieces such as Neruda: Trumpet Concerto, C. Ph. E. Bach: Flute Concerto, Krommer: clarinet concertos. MUSICA RARA was founded in London in 1950. The publisher's program soon took on a clear profile with wind literature of the 17th, 18th and 19th centuries, an area that was underrepresented by publishers until then. Breitkopf acquired the publishing house in 2000 and has been continuing the MR program in a separate catalogue: on the one hand through improved reprints and, on the other, through a number of new editions.

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