Exchange of Letters with his Publisher

Ferruccio Busoni corresponded with the publishing house Breitkopf & Härtel for over 40 years, and practically the entire correspondence with more than 1,500 missives has survived. They depict the composer, arranger, editor and pianist as a witty writer, who reports with great eloquence on his many interests. His epistolary partner, in this case, is the publisher who printed nearly all of Busoni’s works. The dialogue is often so intense that up to 15 letters per month are exchanged. The hesitant beginning evolved into something like a friendship that gradually cooled and practically led to an estrangement at the end. While the correspondence allows us many insights into the genesis of Busoni’s works, it is also punctuated with remarks about the situation of contemporary music and publishing, as well as with comments on the political developments of the day.