Ye Shen (*1977)

“I am endeavoring to gain a temporary victory over soul-destroying time through fascinating music. Music never belongs to the time, but rather prevails over it.

The triumph of music is to replace the passage of time with streams of sound. As a composer, I aspire to surmount time.” (Ye Shen talks about his music)

“Ye Shen’s music refers with disturbing artistic intensity to existential questions of life. He masterfully commands the technical means of orchestration, of tonal and formal design. His sense of subtle sounds is admirable, breaking up the atonal twelve-tone system with microtonal defamiliarization, creating smooth transitions between the tones or giving rise to reminiscences of Chinese melodiousness. He is as familiar with Western New Music media as he is with Chinese musical traditions, moving with ease between the two worlds and creating with great inner independence a highly idiosyncratic music full of color and deep personal expressive power.”
(Hochschule für Musik und Theater Hamburg)

Ye Shen is Professor of Composition at the Shanghai Conservatory of Music. He has been a visiting lecturer at the “Hochschule für Musik und Theater [College of Music and Theater]” in Hamburg (2009), visiting scholar at the Berlin University of the Arts with the support of the Chinese Ministry of Education (2011), and has studied computer-based composition in Paris at the “Institut de Recherche et Coordination Acoustique/Musique” (IRCAM, 2013/14).

He was awarded the Bach-Preis-Stipendium [Bach Prize Stipend] by the Hamburg Senate (2011) as well as also the Chinese Musicians Association’s honorable mention in music theory for the “China National Golden Bell Award” (2011). He is the first winner within the 13th National Music (Symphony) Awards administered by the Chinese Ministry of Culture for “Wen Hua Music Creation” (2007), etc.

His works have frequently been performed in Mainland China, Asia, the US, and Europe. He has collaborated with several well-known orchestras and ensembles, including the Shanghai Symphony Orchestra, Shanghai Opera House Orchestra, Hong Kong Chinese Traditional Orchestra, ensemble recherche freiburg, Ensemble Intercontemporain (France), and has completed commissions for the Witten/Herdecke University (Germany), Finisterra Trio (US), TIMF Ensemble & Klangspuren Festival in Austria, the “Sounding D 2010” new music festival (Germany), Asia-Europe Foundation (the Philippines), Shanghai Spring International Festival, and Shanghai Cultural Development Foundation.

Homepage of Ye Shen

Orchester | Orchestra (Western Instruments)

  • Dreams of a Peregrinator (2006/16) 18 min.
    für 4 Schlagzeuger, Klavier und Streicher | for 4 percussion instruments, piano and strings
  • In Memoriam (2005) 17 min.
    für großes Orchester | for full orchestra

Orchester | Orchestra (Asian Instruments)

  • From the Pearl’s Cavern (2014) 12 min.
    für Folk-Sopran und großes chinesisches Orchester | for folk soprano and full Chinese orchestra

Ensemble (Western Instruments)

  • In the Mirror (2017) 8 min.
    für Sopran und Ensemble | for soprano and ensemble
  • Chong Kwai (2012) 9 min.
    für Kammerensemble | for chamber ensemble
  • Five Folk Songs (2011) 17 min.
    für Klaviertrio | for piano trio
  • Tone Poem – Dusk (2010) 7 min.
    für Klarinette und Streichquartett | for clarinet and string quartet
  • Sword (2009/10) 14 min.
    für Flöte, Klavier und Elektronik | for flute, piano and electronic instruments

Ensemble (mixed Asian & Western Instruments)

  • Shades of Opera III – Sketch No. 3, “Boating in the Autumn” (2018) 9 min.
    für 7 asiatische und europäische Instrumente | for 7 Asian and European instruments
  • Espérer (2017) 8 min.
    für Stimme und 4 Instrumente | for voice and 4 instruments
  • Shades of Opera III – Sketch No. 1, “The Reflection of Cranes in the Icy Pond” (2006) 12 min.
    für 9 westliche und orientalische Instrumentalisten | for 9 Western and Asian music instrumental players

Ensemble (Asian Instruments)

  • Fluxion – Solidification (2015) 8 min.
    für Erhu-Quartett | for Erhu quartet
  • DUO (2015) 16 min.
    für Daegeum und 37-Pfeifen-Sheng (koreanische Traversflöte und chinesische Sopran-Mundorgel | for Daegeum [Korean transverse flute] and 37-pipe Sheng [Chinese descant mouth organ]) 

Stimme und Klavier | Voice and Piano

  • Gogol (2017) 8 min.
    für Koloratur-Sopran und Klavier | for coloratura soprano and piano 

Solowerke | Solo Pieces (Western Instruments)

  • Tints of the Drifting Autumn (2017) 6 min.
    für Violoncello | for cello
  • Ondulation – Night Music (2013/14) 8 min.
    – Fassung für Klavier | version for piano
    – Fassung für Klavier und Elektronik | version for piano and electronic instruments