Nicola Campogrande (*1969)

“The greatness of Campogrande is in his capacity to create a music that belongs to the audience, that doesn’t create a division between who is playing and who is listening. His scores communicate a sense of optimism filled with emotions.” (Paul Daniel)

After graduating from the Conservatories of Milan and Paris, he began to develop an outstanding personal style, combining past and present traditions on a fascinating new path. Performing his scores, such musicians as Gauthier Capuçon, Lilya Zilberstein, Mario Brunello, Jean-Bernard Pommier, Paul Daniel, Roberto Abbado, The Saint Paul Chamber Orchestra, the Fine Arts Quartet and the Quartetto del Teatro alla Scala have appreciated the freshness and the vitality of his music as well as his ability to touch the heart of the listeners.

Being an enthusiast of musical theatre, he wrote the operas La notte di San Nicola, #Folon, Opera italiana, Macchinario, Lego and Alianti which bring together the lyrical tradition, specific features of the old musical avant-garde and atmospheric hints of jazz and rock.

Campogrande’s works have been recorded on numerous CDs. Regular and current venues for this music include such prestigious onesas the Royal Albert Hall and the Wigmore Hall in London, the Teatro alla Scala, the Werner Hall in Cincinnati, the Philharmonie and the Unesco Auditorium in Paris, the Auditorium Santa Cecilia-Parco della Musica in Rome and the Rudolfinum in Prague. Campogrande is artistic director of the MITO Settembre Musica Festival and a host on Italian RAI Radio 3 as well as producer of the TV program Contrappunti on the Classica HD Channel.

He was a member of the International Music Commission of the European Choral Association Europa Cantat

Photo © by Lorenza Daveri

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